Preparing a thoroughbred horse for racing life on the track


Watching a horse racing championship going down is probably one of the most fascinating experiences you will get to witness. You will also be able to place free bets on the horse you think will win the race! This can be done by either placing a bet at the racetrack or via an online sports betting website.


While these horses give everything they’ve got, have you ever wondered what it takes to make them the great race horses that they are? Not only do they need to go through excruciating times of training, they also need to have a one track mind-set in order to stay diligent while in the race.


Preparing a thoroughbred horse for life in the races takes years of patience and a loving heart.


Breaking in the horse

At 18 months, a horse is usually broken in. This means that the horse will be trained to be comfortable with a saddle on his or her back as well as having the extra weight added of a rider. Doing this is mandatory as a horse that is not broken in will pose a huge risk if it bucks with someone in its back. When breaking in a horse, the saddle is placed on their backs and they will be taught to trot or canter in a circular motion with the help of a rider’s guidance.


Before attempting the first race

After the horse is broken in, you need to keep the following general racing rules in mind before taking your horse to attempt his or her first race. As a race horse is trained differently from any average riding horse, there is a limited time spend on schooling the horse. The main objective of a race horse would be fitness and speed work. A rider usually does not interfere much with the reins while racing as the horse is trained to follow the horse in front of him. It is also important to know that standing on the stirrups while leaning forward indicates to the horse that he should canter. When a rider changes his hands and changes his grip on the reins, it will indicate to the horse that he should go faster than he is already going.


On race day

When the horse is travelling to the racetrack, it is important to keep him as calm as possible. Many horse owners tend to get their horses unloaded from their horse boxes at least three hours before they need to race. That way they can relax and have a rest in the racing stables while enjoying a high fibre treat and some water. When it is time to start the race, routine checks will be done which includes the checking of girths and urine samples to detect any prohibited substances. As a horse can have a lot of adrenaline built up in his body after a race, it is important to keep him as calm as possible at all times.


While watching the race only takes a few minutes, it takes quite a lot more to prepare these beautiful beasts to run like the wind!