Thistlecack's Bumpy Road to the 2018 Cheltenham Festival


The Cheltenham Festival might still be a few months away. But this doesnít stop racing enthusiasts and punters from forecasting next yearís big event. Now, Thistlecrack makes his way to the headlines after a series of fortunate events that brings him closer to competing in the 2018 Cheltenham.

This is the case despite the seemingly disappointing year this Thoroughbred horse had. 2017 proved to be a disaster for him after sustaining an injury. This led to him missing a number of races for the National Hunt. Fortunately, the 9-year-old is reported to be on his road to recovery.

Because of this, itís pretty likely that weíll see him again in next yearís Cheltenham Gold Cup. Thistlecrack sustained a torn tendon which led to his absence in this yearís Cheltenham. But after just a few months, Joe Tizzard referred to his horseís status to be perfect.

Now, everything is clear for the gelding as heís expected to compete in the upcoming Kemptonís King George this coming Boxing Day. Not only is this a form of preparation, but this will also be a means to gauge the horseís condition.

Reports also have it that Thistlecrack is one of the favorites in the upcoming races, together with Sizing John. The only thing that stops him from getting maximum hype is the few sponsors. This might be due to the past injury he sustained.

Despite this, there are still a lot of punters expecting to see Thistlecrack back in the racing game. This is thanks to the 8 wins over 11 starts he had. But because his last hurdle race was way back in April of 2016, he should first go through a series of conditioning or preparatory races. This coming Boxing Day's tournament is a pretty good answer to this need.

Itís also worth considering that Thistlecrack had a few jumping errors during the Chepstow race last October of 2016. But this wasnít much of a problem as itís currently undergoing a serious training campaign. The gelding was also foot perfect during the King George event.

Now that the Cheltenham Gold Cup proves to be the perfect avenue for Thistlecrack to regain his lost glory, itís safe to say that you can get your Cheltenham 2018 betting offers at as early as now.


Why? Itís because the odds speak for the high victory chances of Thistlecrack. He currently has a strong 12/1 betting odds, the same as other high-caliber horses like Finians Oscar and Penhill.

Though the odds arenít perfect for him, itís still a close call to the 6/1 and 10/1 odds of Nichols Canyon and Faugheen. And itís not really much of a problem as Thistlecrackís doing far better than more popular horses like Apples Jade and Supasundae. The two horses currently have 14/1 and 16/1 odds.

With this being said, thereís no doubt that Thistlecrack is going to do a pretty good job in the 2018 Cheltenham. Itís just a matter of time he proves his pundits wrong.